Cookie orders will be taken starting November 2024

Comal County Aggie Moms (& some dads) have been baking authentic German cookies since 1954 to raise money for scholarships!! It takes hundreds of volunteers 3 days (working through the night) to bake over 15,000 cookies. They are delicious and make a great Christmas gift too.  This year’s cookie bake will be held December 8-10, 2023!


Molasses Plätzchen- coursely chopped pecans in molasses dough spiced with nutmeg, cloves, and orange rind

Pfaffenbrot- chopped pecans in a rich cookie batter, cut in bars

Wiener Zollen- crescent shaped; filled with finely chopped pecans, sugar and spice and everything nice

Mandelkränze- wreath shaped butter cookie topped with egg whites, sugar, cinnamon & finely chopped pecans

Zimtsterne- meringue laced with finely chopped pecans & cinnamon