History of Federation of Texas A&M University Mothers’ Clubs

Mothers who are affiliated with the Texas A&M University Mothers’ Clubs are members of a unique group.  As far as is known, Texas A&M is the only university in the United States where mothers are organized for the purpose of supporting their students and aiding in the promotion of the university.      

In February of 1922, eleven interested mothers met in Dallas and the first Texas A&M Mothers’ Club was organized.  The club’s objective was “to contribute in every way to the comfort and welfare of the boys and to cooperate with the faculty of the college in maintaining a high standard of moral conduct and intellectual attainment.”  The objective remains the same today.

The mothers’ club idea spread rapidly and eight clubs became a Federation in 1928.  Today the Federation board consists of fifteen elected officers and several appointed positions.  The ladies serve as a coordinating board for over 110 clubs- most are in Texas, but there are others in several states across the country. Currently, the Federation boasts a membership of over 6,500.  Mothers who live out-of-state where there is no club or are more than twenty-five miles from a Mother’s club may join an existing club as an Adopt-a-Mom. 

History of Comal County Texas A&M Mothers’ Club

The Comal County TAMU Mothers’ Club was founded in 1953 with 19 members. Our club is one of the oldest clubs in Texas and has a proud and strong tradition of service to Texas A&M and Aggies everywhere. Comal County Aggie Moms give monetary contributions to the University to support various on-campus activities and organizations, as well as award scholarships to selected graduating seniors from area high schools. In the fall we also award scholarships to eligible seniors from Comal County that are already attending Texas A&M.  The Comal County Aggie Moms also funded a $25,000 Endowed Scholarship at Texas A&M.  These scholarships and contributions to the University are raised through Cookie Bake (5 kinds of homemade German cookies), and sales of our collector’s edition steins. Comal County Aggie Moms are in the top 10% in contributions to Texas A&M University (2nd in giving to the Evans Library).  Our club also recognizes the most improved unit in the Corps of Cadets by sponsoring the Commandant’s Award which is awarded during Parents’ Weekend.  This award is one of only four which are awarded at this level.  The President of the Club has the honor of presenting the Commandant’s Flag during the Corps of Cadets Review, a high honor indeed.

The Texas A&M Mothers’ Clubs are proud organizations – proud of Texas A&M, proud of the sons and daughters they send to Texas A&M, and proud of making a contribution to the education of their students, to the future of Texas A&M University, to the State of Texas and the United States of America. 

Comal County Aggie Moms are a fabulous mix of people who gather together to support our own local Aggies, as well as Aggies everywhere, and to enjoy a special fellowship with each other.  You can just see the love and admiration for Texas A&M University in all that we do!

Charter Members
Mrs. Walter Becker
Mrs. Julius Bremer
Mrs. Ernst Eikel
Mrs. Alex Floege
Mrs. Erna Heitkamp
Mrs. O.A. Hoffmann
Mrs. B. A. Krueger
Mrs. E. C. Krueger
Mrs. Martin Leissner
Mrs. Thelka Locke
Mrs. M. H. McFarlane
Mrs. J. A. Mercer
Mrs. H. J. Spahn
Mrs. M. H. Specht
Mrs. Ralph Walker
Mrs. Hanno Welsch
Mrs. Marion Wilson